Monday, December 27, 2010


I love this picture of Ginger, apparently it was taken while she was opening gifts the morning of her wedding! :D

This picture makes me smile!

It has been forever since I last posted! I am really sorry :/

Well now for some Ginger pics! I've completely gotten back into the Fred and Ginger spirit again, and hopefully I can get all their movies from the library again.

Some wonderful person shared this awesome website with me and I found some great quotes about Ginger, from Fred and a lot of others :D

Fred and Ginger mood, I told ya! haha :D

Fred and Ginger on the set of Flying Down to Rio :D

On the set of Carefree..

And now for this awesome website!

And here are a few quotes:

“Ginger was brilliantly effective. She made everything work for her. Actually she made things very fine for both of us and she deserves most of the credit for our success.” -- Fred Astaire, in 1966

"Ginger is the most effective performer I've ever worked with. Ginger's a salesman. She can sell it. She's a showman and an actress. She's quite unique. She's amazing." – Fred Astaire (1952

"When I was working with Ginger, it was like heaven on earth. She had all the talent anybody could have." – Fred Astaire

"Ginger Rogers ... was [Astaire's] greatest partner. Have we seen the complexity of romantic ecstasy, joy, bravery, or disappointment and desperation better rendered than in "Cheek to Cheek", "They All Laughed," "Let's Face the Music and Dance," and "Never Gonna Dance"? No actress has ever been better at communicating the mood to be wooed and the levels of sheer amazement felt when observing a man become magnetic." -- Stanley Crouch, 2006

And now after an EXTREMELY long post :P haha here is the link to a video I made, I hope you all like it!