Friday, September 24, 2010

Continuation of VKMfan AND SassyGinger's posts :P

Ok so I saw both of your posts and thought they were awesome ideas! So I'm going to submit a few of my own :D

Have an amazing day everyone! And I hope you enjoyed the pics, and once again, this was a great idea! I think I included every coat and fur picture in my collection! haha :D


Friday, September 17, 2010

Hello! :D

Hey everyone! So I was told repeatedly that I am a sickening Ginger fan! HAHA I was like....why, thank you :D

I still have that one movie left...I started it though! Got like 15 minutes into it...hopefully I can finish it this week :D

now I just wish I could find EVERY single tv appearance and musical short, I doubt that will happen though :/ Has anybody seen, A Day of a Man of Affairs ,
Campus Sweethearts, or Hollywood on Parade?? :/

Friday, September 3, 2010

I am sooooo sorry!!

I have been completely neglecting this blog, and not even answering back to comments :(

But, I finished Ginger My Story and I LOVED it! Especially the chapter about the date with Fred ;) HAHA It was so cute!! :D The story about the bull fighting was....HORRIBLE! I felt so bad for Ginger :/

Well, I have now seen all the Ginger movies except for The Confession and Hat Check Girl, but I don't think ANYONE has seen Hat Check Girl :/ so I only have 1 left! :D

And, this is my new favorite quote :D

"Perhaps I am old fashioned, but black and white
movies still hold a special place in my heart; They have an
incomparable mystique and mood." Ginger Rogers

I doubled the amount of pictures cause I owe them to you all! Haha :D