Monday, December 27, 2010


I love this picture of Ginger, apparently it was taken while she was opening gifts the morning of her wedding! :D

This picture makes me smile!

It has been forever since I last posted! I am really sorry :/

Well now for some Ginger pics! I've completely gotten back into the Fred and Ginger spirit again, and hopefully I can get all their movies from the library again.

Some wonderful person shared this awesome website with me and I found some great quotes about Ginger, from Fred and a lot of others :D

Fred and Ginger mood, I told ya! haha :D

Fred and Ginger on the set of Flying Down to Rio :D

On the set of Carefree..

And now for this awesome website!

And here are a few quotes:

“Ginger was brilliantly effective. She made everything work for her. Actually she made things very fine for both of us and she deserves most of the credit for our success.” -- Fred Astaire, in 1966

"Ginger is the most effective performer I've ever worked with. Ginger's a salesman. She can sell it. She's a showman and an actress. She's quite unique. She's amazing." – Fred Astaire (1952

"When I was working with Ginger, it was like heaven on earth. She had all the talent anybody could have." – Fred Astaire

"Ginger Rogers ... was [Astaire's] greatest partner. Have we seen the complexity of romantic ecstasy, joy, bravery, or disappointment and desperation better rendered than in "Cheek to Cheek", "They All Laughed," "Let's Face the Music and Dance," and "Never Gonna Dance"? No actress has ever been better at communicating the mood to be wooed and the levels of sheer amazement felt when observing a man become magnetic." -- Stanley Crouch, 2006

And now after an EXTREMELY long post :P haha here is the link to a video I made, I hope you all like it!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Continuation of VKMfan AND SassyGinger's posts :P

Ok so I saw both of your posts and thought they were awesome ideas! So I'm going to submit a few of my own :D

Have an amazing day everyone! And I hope you enjoyed the pics, and once again, this was a great idea! I think I included every coat and fur picture in my collection! haha :D


Friday, September 17, 2010

Hello! :D

Hey everyone! So I was told repeatedly that I am a sickening Ginger fan! HAHA I was like....why, thank you :D

I still have that one movie left...I started it though! Got like 15 minutes into it...hopefully I can finish it this week :D

now I just wish I could find EVERY single tv appearance and musical short, I doubt that will happen though :/ Has anybody seen, A Day of a Man of Affairs ,
Campus Sweethearts, or Hollywood on Parade?? :/

Friday, September 3, 2010

I am sooooo sorry!!

I have been completely neglecting this blog, and not even answering back to comments :(

But, I finished Ginger My Story and I LOVED it! Especially the chapter about the date with Fred ;) HAHA It was so cute!! :D The story about the bull fighting was....HORRIBLE! I felt so bad for Ginger :/

Well, I have now seen all the Ginger movies except for The Confession and Hat Check Girl, but I don't think ANYONE has seen Hat Check Girl :/ so I only have 1 left! :D

And, this is my new favorite quote :D

"Perhaps I am old fashioned, but black and white
movies still hold a special place in my heart; They have an
incomparable mystique and mood." Ginger Rogers

I doubled the amount of pictures cause I owe them to you all! Haha :D


Thursday, July 29, 2010

A lot of things going on!

Hey everyone! Wow I have so much to tell you all :D So this Tuesday that passed, I finally placed hold on Ginger: My Story!!!!!!!!!! :D I will finally be able to read Gingers autobio. I cannot wait. It looks amazing, has awesome reviews, and of course is the story of my most favorite actress EVER :D I can't wait to see all the pictures and...ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha

I was also watching a new Ginger movie, it's called Oh Men Oh Women. I didn't like it much though :/ It had a sort of strange plot, but it was alright :) That would make 71 Ginger movies I believe :D And also thanks to Desarae I will be able to see a tv appearance or episode from around the 60's! I cannot wait :D

then I also hit the jack pot in some new pics! Hahaha and I made a new video :D It was sort of for Ginger Rogers day. Hehe

next I wanted to tell you, that I started talking to one of Ginger's relatives, 4th cousin I believe? Anyways I started talking to her on Facebook, cause she joined a group I made for Ginger. She said her aunts corresponded with Ginger every now and then, I asked if her mom or dad did, and she said that she was going to ask them, and if she found anything she would let me know :D

And now for the pictures!