Sunday, December 27, 2009

Ginger movies

Ok so a few days ago I stumbled on some really rare Ginger movies! In fact one of them was the first one she ever made :)

Young Man Of Manhatten:
I enjoyed it! It was nice to see Claudette Colbert right out of the 20's! And Gibger, she was
ADORABLE! She had on her little girl voice and her line Cigarette me big boy! LOL

She played a rather stupid flapper but this is Ginger! she can never be bad :)

Next I found:
You Said A Mouthful:
I still haven't finished it! But from what I saw it was not one of her best, the guy starring sucked! Joe E. Brown :/

Here is the movie poster, of course it doesn't have Ginger! LOL

Then I found Chance At Heaven, which was a really cute movie!
Gingers role wasn't stupid! And she did a really good job, she looked gorgeous btw :)

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