Friday, June 11, 2010

Oh my gosh!

Golly Moses! I have completely been neglecting my blog :o I'm sorry people! It's been along time since I posted anything, just been busy with school and stuff :/ By anyways, got to watch several Ginger movies, and now I am up to 68 Ginger movies!!!!!! *cheers*

I'm very excited :D I finally was able to The First Traveling Saleslady and Tom Dick and Harry. They were both extremely cute and sweet. I was also able to see a few really early ones like Queen High and Sap From Syracuse. They were great too!
Once again I must re[eat though, I HATE JOE E BROWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*phew* sorry about that. I think he completely ruins the movies and work Ginger does! he BUTCHERS them! Am I the only one? Yeah well I saw The Tenderfoot. Ginger looked great, but the plot? ugh. Don't get me started! LOL

So yeah, I won't be on this weekend, since it's me b-day weekend!!! I am so excited :D So I will answer back as soon as possible, and here are a few Ginger pics!

Oh and can anyone tell me if Follow The Leader is any good?


  1. 68???!!! Good for you! I think you may be a head of me. Theres a much of the early ones I need to see. My problem is I find a few favorites and get stuck on those. Yesterday I watched Stage Door for about 32542,000 time!

  2. Yeah! haha thanks :D Really? :o Oh my gosh! How many have you seen?? They are all great so far, I haven't found one yet that i really and truly hate! LOL Hahaha Oh lucky you :( I have only seen Stage Door once :( Haha the ones I watch the most are the Fred and Gingers, I just can't get enough! Haha

  3. Hey Anna,
    Hope you had a great b-day :) And I agree Joe E Brown ruins Ginger's movies...LOL! That is funny, I haven't watched Follow the Leader yet either :) I have been watching Lady in the Dark a lot though. I really like that movie. Follow the Leader will get me to #69. Everytime I go to watch it I start watching another one of her other movies!

  4. Hey Desarae!
    Tahnks I did :D And so did my brother! His b-day is right after mine :D Hehe You do?? YAY! Hahahah You haven't? Hm....well I skipped a bit to see quality etc. and it looked kind of ridiculous ya know? Hope fully it'll be good though :D I love Lady In The Dark!! Haha really? Same here! :o 69 exactly! LOL

  5. Hey Anna,

    Okay, well I watched the movie finally last night...and they should have named it "What in the blue blazes is this movie about?" There is kind of a love story, but the lead star is a comedian and he is doing schtick through the whole movie, I was trying to figure out if he was even going off the script or not. Ginger is cute in the movie, but her role is small even though it would have made sense to make it a bit bigger. There are some funny parts, but overall I was left just scratching my head. I don't know, maybe you may enjoy!

    I am glad you and your brother had a great b-day!! :-D

  6. Well, honestly, 'Follow The Leader' is really just like the Joe E. Brown films, in that it is primarily a 'vehicle' for the 'comedic lead'. If you just look at it like those dudes were the Wil Ferrell or Jack Black of the 30's, it may make more sense... or at least reiterate the fact that there has always been 'slapstick' movies around...
    Ginger's mere presence makes a movie watchable... she plays it pretty 'straight up' in these movies, as the 'female lead / love interest for the slapstick main character'... which is typically kinda hard to get over, since Ginger would have NEVER wasted her beautiful time with some of these dudes in real life...

    OK - rant over... for now...

    BTW - great pics!!!

    KIG, y'all...K - I - G...


  7. Desarae: Hahaha ROFL! Oh no...that bad?? I'm gonna watch it of course, but I skipped through it, and I was kinda like, wait, what?! And the leading man kinda looked like a FOOL! LOL

    VKMfan: Oh my goodness, I am so slooooooow! I just got your username :P Hahahah I see...hahaha!! Yeah i can imagine. I have a feeling I won't enjoy it, but since Ginger is in it. Alright :P Hahah


  8. Hey Anna,

    Fool would be the right word for him. His hats were ridiculous! At one point he has on a suit with tails and the smallest top hat EVER! In the middle of the romantic moment at the end he drops a weighted bag on his head or something...WHAT IN THE WORLD?!? I love Ginger, and she was THE ONLY person keeping me from turning that movie off. Do you know what I just realized...I have not seen Upperworld all the way. When Ginger died I turned it off and have not watched it since. They killed the only person that had me watching the movie in the first place! I guess that means I have only seen 68 1/2 of her movies...LOL!