Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Black Widow!!!!!!!!!!

!!Ok so a very enthusiastic cheer to Black Widow. Best Ginger movie I have seen in awhile! It was great, had a sort of All About Eve-ish sort of plot. and Was very very good. My sister (who is a little sick of Ginger :P) Loved it too! She said it was amazing, I was so happy :D
If there is anyone that hasn't seen it, I totally suggest it! :D


  1. ...pretty different role for Ginger, eh? I enjoyed it, too... probably need to go watch it again... they said that nobody figured out Ginger's ultimate role in its original run... kind of a 'shock ending' type deal, kinda like Darth Vader being Luke's dad...

    Have a Very Gingery weekend, Anna!!!


  2. Definitely! She was so rude at the beginning to that one lady. I was shocked! LOL well I wouldn't know cause I have never seen Star Wars and don't plan too! Hahaha but another thing is, someone told me the ending :( Hahaha but it was alright, cause you know what? It was still very surprising for me!

  3. I just saw Black Widow and I loved it! I love that Ginger was not afraid to take this role on. From beginning to end she embraced the character, and in the end all you could say was WOW! She made you feel sympathetic towards her, which I thought was the surprising factor. She completely flipped the script in the end on the character, showing real raw emotion instead of the condescending persona she showed through most of the movie. Great movie!