Friday, July 16, 2010

Ginger Rogers forever!!!

Hello everyone! Today is a very special day,it's Ginger's b-day! I am making a video in honor, will post the link to it. And I hope all of you will enjoy these pictures!

A photo I edited :D

Love this pic!

Haha :D

With Cary Grant on the set of Once Upon A Honeymoon

And now for my favorite:

Happy b-day Ginger!!!



  1. Where did you find the pic from on the set of Once Upon A Honeymoon? You know I love anything with Ginger and Cary. Ive never seen that one before! Thanks!

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  3. ok let me try that again... ANNA - great work on the colorizing! I have seen NARY a one of these pics before... it is just an endless parade of GingerPics out there... that is SO killer!

    KIG, Anna!!!


  4. Anna all these pics are fantastic :) I loved the colorized photo the first time I saw, now that I know you did it I am even more impressed! Thanks for posting all these :DD

  5. SassyGinger: Off of Ebay a long time ago. I don't think they have it there anymore :/
    VKMfan: Hahaha well, thanks for correcting that one, but I would have understood :D hehe Glad you like them Huey! :D

    Desarae: Thanks!! Hah really? Well glad you like it :D