Thursday, July 29, 2010

A lot of things going on!

Hey everyone! Wow I have so much to tell you all :D So this Tuesday that passed, I finally placed hold on Ginger: My Story!!!!!!!!!! :D I will finally be able to read Gingers autobio. I cannot wait. It looks amazing, has awesome reviews, and of course is the story of my most favorite actress EVER :D I can't wait to see all the pictures and...ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha

I was also watching a new Ginger movie, it's called Oh Men Oh Women. I didn't like it much though :/ It had a sort of strange plot, but it was alright :) That would make 71 Ginger movies I believe :D And also thanks to Desarae I will be able to see a tv appearance or episode from around the 60's! I cannot wait :D

then I also hit the jack pot in some new pics! Hahaha and I made a new video :D It was sort of for Ginger Rogers day. Hehe

next I wanted to tell you, that I started talking to one of Ginger's relatives, 4th cousin I believe? Anyways I started talking to her on Facebook, cause she joined a group I made for Ginger. She said her aunts corresponded with Ginger every now and then, I asked if her mom or dad did, and she said that she was going to ask them, and if she found anything she would let me know :D

And now for the pictures!


  1. Cool pics! I hope the version of the book yet get is the original hardcover edition. In the reprint A LOT of the pictures got cut out. I wonder if it was over copyright or something because most of them seem to be from her movies, leaving then personal pics in the book. But enjoy!

  2. Those are great pics Anna :) I love the last one. I really hope you enjoy the book. Goodness, when you say you have been busy you mean! I hope you will enjoy NTL more than you did OMOW :D

  3. Awesome! Great job, Anna! And, ANY info from Ginger relatives would be MOST killer! Put in a good word for G-ology, pleez... :-) thanks for all the cool info, Anna!



  4. SG: Thank you! Yeah I did get the original version. It was GREAT! and the pictures were amazing :D

    Desarae: Thanks!! Haha yeah :/ Oh I did like Never Too Late! It was great :D And OMOW wasn't THAT bad, the ending was better than I thought :D And guess what? Only one Ginger movie left to go. Besides Hat Check Girl that it :P :D

    Huey: :D Thanks! Haha indeed :D I will!