Monday, February 7, 2011

So sorry I haven't posted in forever, but I hope all the pics make up for it :D hehe
Last week, I suddenly felt like watching Roberta REALLY badly (As most of you know it's my favorite Fred and Ginger movie) so I started watching it, and at the same time I had been listening to the song Good Life, and I thought it fit perfectly! (Despite the fact they say a not so very nice word in it....LOL)

So yeah I made the video and here is the link:
Hope you all like it :D

Now, I found this, on AFI, it has these brief movie reviews with some facts by each movie, Pretty cool, I thought maybe you would like to check it out :D

Now I haven't done a poll in awhile cause I ran out of ideas! But I decided to make a new one and here it is: Which one of these leading men do you think worked best with Ginger?

William Holden?

Ray Milland?

Francis Lederer?

William Powell?

Or George Brent?

I left out Fred, Cary and Jimmy on PURPOSE. hahaha since I know those are the ones everybody will always pick :P

And here are some pictures!

A picture with Irving Berlin!

A video still I hadn't seen before...

Practicing a dance routine for Swing Time?

Me thinks an on the set pic of Roxie Hart :D

An extremely natural pic in her living room

On the set of Swing Time with the costume designer :D

With Olivia De Havilland and Jane Wyman

With George Brent

With Joe E. Brown

Ginger and Jacques

Helping to pick out the new Gerber baby!

As much as I dislike what this fellow did to her, I must say this is a great picture!

Ugh, getting the dreaded "haircut" :/

Another pic with Irving :D

Have an amazing day everyone!


  1. Awesome pics, Anna!!!


    The Roxie pic is #1...dang, there is SOMETHING about that 'first' outfit she has on in that movie that is SO devastating to me... and I dig here hairstyle here, because it is just so bloomin' DIFFERENT than what we are used to for Ginger... DANG I love Miss Roxie!!!
    and the 'haircut'...although the end result is not good... she is so cute here!
    Well, ALL of these are awesome... I like the 'living room' pic as well... it's funny, when I see some of these 'house interior' pics, I always think, 'where's the TV?' er... not invented yet, dude!

    Thanks, Anna!!! Good to have ya back! :-)


  2. Thanks Huey!

    Hahaha Yeah it is an awesome picture, and I looooove that movie! So funny and so different :D It's very original, and it shows what a great actress Ginger was.

    Hahaha I know right? Well maybe I'm just abnormal but in my house we don't actually have the tv in the living XD

    Thanks! it's great to be posting again :D


  3. Those picture are wonderful! Thanks :)

  4. I know right? You're welcome! :D