Sunday, May 2, 2010

Oh my GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!


All fellow Ginger fans must see this! I just found Gingers shoe from Follow The Fleet, yes I believe it is from the Let Yourself Go number, for sale and it's autographed! Obviously I'm not gonna buy it, but i think it's amazing just to look at!

Heres the link to see it yourself!


  1. cool is THAT??? woah...if I had the $$$, it would be mine, believe me... IF it is for sale... she put that thing thru its paces, no? :-)
    Thanks for the pic, Anna!


  2. Wow this is amazing! It's fun, this week, I thought with my sister that it would be nice to have shoes like in Let yourself go for summer days ^^

  3. VKMfan: I agree 100% I think it's awesome! I was soo happy to find them :D It is for sale actually! :D Do you want me to send you the link? it would be nice to know such a rare SIGNED mind you, antique of Ginger is in a fellow Ginger fans possesion! Hahaha :D

    Thanks for the comment Huey :D

    Camille: I agree! Hahahaha really? Oh ym gosh that's awesome! I just love those shoes, wish I could get them myself :D


  4. oof...I am a 'recovering Ginger on eBay addict'... PayPal be danged!!! :-] ..but, it WOULD be interesting to see how much they want for this... of course, they would have to have 'papers' on it and everything... but looks like the real deal to me!
    Sure, send me a link... we can live without electricity for a couple of months...:-]

  5. Huey,you know you just want to get it so you can grow your own little Ginger :P

  6. VKMfan: Hhaahaha I see. Well I actually didn't find it off Ebay! It was from a different website. Yeah same here! Oh dear..maybe I shoudln't! Haha we wouldn't want you to lose your electricity!! but heres the link :P LOL

  7. Ginger DNA replication... that is a totally mind boggling preposition in my book, and is best left unpondered by VKMfan... :-]

    Well, stuff like this (shoe, that is) would be better off in a museum... still think it would be cool to buy Ginger's 'birth house' and turn it into a museum... I went thru Margret Mitchell's old house in Atlanta, and it was pretty neat... they had a building a block or two away that was the 'GWTW center' or whatever, where you go prior to the tour... the ginger place could be a similar setup, although it is in a residential neighborhood (as most houses are...duh... but, the Marge Mitchell house is actually surrounded by skyscrapers...kind of unusual - they were actually going to move it somewhere else, but someone ponied up the dough to keep it there - may have well been Mr. Turner...) and Ginger's house is about 4 blocks from the Truman Library, so would be a good 'link' there... or am I just rambling on incoherently, as usual? :-/

  8. I'm speechless... It's wonderful!!!!♥♥

  9. VKMfan: I know right? Hahah it's AMAZING! I was so excited :D Too bad I can't get it though :( LOL I agree. And I have NO IDEA why it isn't! People give such little importance to Gingers stuff :/ That would be amazing, I hope you can :D

    Nadia: Same here! I know isn't it? :D