Friday, September 17, 2010

Hello! :D

Hey everyone! So I was told repeatedly that I am a sickening Ginger fan! HAHA I was like....why, thank you :D

I still have that one movie left...I started it though! Got like 15 minutes into it...hopefully I can finish it this week :D

now I just wish I could find EVERY single tv appearance and musical short, I doubt that will happen though :/ Has anybody seen, A Day of a Man of Affairs ,
Campus Sweethearts, or Hollywood on Parade?? :/


  1. nope - still looking for those, along with HCG... they WILL show up one day, tho... hey we have to have SOMETHING to look forward to, right?

    And I would be honored to be called a 'sickening' Ginger fan... and as a matter of fact, HAVE been... well, maybe not 'sickening', but 'obsessed', maybe?
    And, that is a great pic - never saw that one before! Young Ginger is cute as a button, with all the 'curly qs' in her hair! :-]

    KIG, Anna!!! (like I nned to remind YOU! :-] )


  2. The closest I have come to seeing "Campus Sweethearts" or "HCG" is one movie still for each :/ I am watching TCM everyday trying to catch the Hollywood Parade in between the movies, among other luck yet :(

    And you are not a sickening fan, you are an inspiring fan :) I know I enjoy all your blogs and Ginger finds! :D

  3. ive seen movie stills from 'HCG' and despite afi not having it im still convinced it must be somewhere.. as for sickening never!! Ginger's too wonderful :D