Friday, September 24, 2010

Continuation of VKMfan AND SassyGinger's posts :P

Ok so I saw both of your posts and thought they were awesome ideas! So I'm going to submit a few of my own :D

Have an amazing day everyone! And I hope you enjoyed the pics, and once again, this was a great idea! I think I included every coat and fur picture in my collection! haha :D



  1. WEll done! Just goes to show how great the clothes were in Stage Door too! Love the pic of Ginger and Jimmy!

  2. PS - before he grew that silly lookin mustache Jack Briggs was kind of HOTTIE IMHO...

  3. Thank you, thank you. *bows* hahaha Indeed!

    You're right! hahaha :D

  4. SG I agree, Jack looked a lot better without the man-stache :) Ginger sure did love her furs! These are awesome pictures :-D I love that one with her, Cary, David Niven, and that looks like Loretta Young. They all look so young!

  5. Great pictures! Ginger was always well dressed

  6. Whats the story about Ginger went out and bought a fur and was wearing it on the lot? She showed it off to someone (maybe George Stevens?) who was in his upstairs office. Kate Hepburn was up there too and dumped water on Ginger to see if it was real?

  7. ...tremendous pics, Anna!!! Way to BRING IT!!!! I need to regroup (again) concerning my GingerPicFiles... it's amazing how many pics there are of VKM... but it isn't SURPRISING!!! :-]

    SG - It was George in an upstairs office with Kate... "If it's real mink, it won't shrink..." I like Kate, but that one was a bit much, even in jest...
    As I mentioned elsewhere, Ginger ROCKS in a fur! yeah, yeah, fur is wrong and all that, but different times at the time...

    Thanks again, Anna!!

  8. the heck do you spell surprise? suprize? SOO-pruh-EYE-zuh? That's one of those that always get me. for no apparent reason...

  9. Desarae: Indeed! Oh me too :D I was so excited to find it!

    Camille: Yeah she was :D I don't know why she wasn't a fashion icon! She had superb taste :D

    SG: Ugh yeah I hate Kate Hepburn :P LOL

    VKMfan: Thanks! haha totally! I went through ALL my collection and got all the pics with furs, there still are plenty more too.

    serprize :D I think that's the way it is pronounced :D