Monday, April 26, 2010

15 years ago...

I'm sorry I missed it yesterday! But here are a few words i would like to say about the greatest actress in the world! i was going to upload a video about her, but never got around to finishing it, here is a little rhyme I made for the intro though:

15 years ago on this day, Ginger Rogers passes away.
She left a legacy behind, the legacy of the greatest actress of all time.

And I mean it!

Well not much I can say...just that I'm sorry I missed her by a year!

here are a few pictures of this brilliant singer actress and dancer.


  1. Lovin the Primrose Path one!
    Ive never seen some of these where did you find them?

  2. Ginger Rogers 4ever in our ♥, beautiful pictures of a wonderful actress, dancer and woman! Thanks
    XX Nadia

  3. ...more great pics, Anna!!! thanks so much... helps to ease the 4/25 feelings...


  4. SassyGinger: Me too! Ah that's a really hard question! I look all over I don't even remember! LOL

    Tom: Thanks :D

    Nadia: I agree!

    VKMfan: Thanks Huey! Yeah I know :/

  5. You always post beautiful pictures, thank you :)

  6. Thanks Camille glad you like them :D