Friday, April 2, 2010

The new poll :D

Q. Which is your favorite Ginger comedy?

Monkey Business:

Were Not Married:

The Major and Minor:

Bachelor Mother:


  1. Hmm thats tough. My answer depends on the day you ask me! Today its MB because im watching it looking for trivia questions I can come up with to stump you guys!

  2. ...went with Bachelor Mom... love the others, tho... We're Not Married is a pretty funny one overall, even the 'non-Ginger' parts...

  3. Bachelor Mother for me! Hi Anna, it's me patricianbeauty etc.. :D

    it's for you <3
    I have been following your blog unofficially before. :)

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  5. SassyGinger: I know right? hehe I love Monkey Business! It's a great movie :D Can't wait! Nice choice btw :D

    VKMfan: I love Bachelor Mother! It's probably my favorite Ginger movie, though it's a hard choice. I agree, it was a great one too :D

    Wawa: Great! that's the one I picked too :D Hahah thanks for following me! I am now following you! Great blog :D