Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A lot to tell you!!

Well today I have a lot of exciting things too tell you :D

First of all, i found a rare Ginger movie,well a musical short called A Night In The Dormitory,, the whole thing! I was terribly excited :D And I got In Person and also the Major and Minor on VHS. I really had a lucky Ginger streak :D I can't WAIT to watch them.

I also got a musical called Seven Brides For Seven Brothers, have any of you heard of it or watched it? Was it good?


LOVE THIS PICTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cute :DD

Who is that? LOL

Beautiful :D

I really like this one too!


  1. Love that your Ginger collection is growing! That last picture shows up a couple of times in "In Person"...even though its a promo pic from Top Hat - look out for the "Roberta" reference in In Person too! Lovin the Bob Hope pic too!

  2. The last pic is my favorite.

  3. Great stuff, Anna!
    Where is that first one from? looks like a movie 'still' - I should know that...
    That last one is so cool...not sure if I have that particular 'pose' of that 'series'...
    Glad to hear your film collection is expanding, too! Always a great feeling to find another one and 'obtain' it!

    Thanks again - VKMfan

  4. SassyGinger: So am I! Hehe :D Really? I have never seen it from In Person. i wonder who came up with THAT! LOL I love that dress from Top Hat it really is beautiful, and that scene is brilliant ;)

    Tom:I love that one too :D

    VKMfan: Thanks! :D You know, I actually have NO idea! I really don't. I love the pocture, but I'm not sure what movie it's from or if it is from a movie, does anyone else know?
    Same here! I saw a few others from that same photoshoot but never that one.
    Thanks! I am really glad too :DDD

  5. yes! seven brides for seven brothers!!! i love that film! i've got it on dvd. "Well, they say when you marry in June, you're a bride all your life"
    i got bloomers from my mum coz she knows i like acting out that scene!

  6. Heheh well I haven't seen the whole thing through yet (blame it on school :P LOL) but from what i saw it was cuuuuuuute :D You do? Awesome! I love acting :DD