Friday, April 30, 2010

To those of you that have seen them...

To those of you that have seen them, which one of these Ginger mvoies is a must see? I really want too see them all, but I want to get the best one first! Hahaha please select the one you think is best in the poll. Thanks!


  1. Without a doubt, Tom Dick and Harry. I'm not a huge fan of 50s Ginger, or even her late 40s movies, so I'm a little biased. TDH is exactly what you expect out of the glory days, begin the first movie she made after winning her Oscar.

  2. ...I concur, TDH is probably the most 'Gingery' of that bunch...although it took me a few views to get into it is a pretty funny movie - honestly, my first viewing of any Ginger movie, I am so into 'observing' Ginger, the plot usually esapes me... or does that surprise y'all? :-)

    The next on the list should be Forever Female... then Tight Spot.... with Saleslady the 'least' of the bunch, although it is pretty cute in its own right... there is an issue (for me, anyway) with her voice... just a WEE bit irritating... but I give Ginger a pass, cause she is cute in it, along with Carol Channing - they make a good team.

  3. Maggie: Ok great! Thanks :D I think Tom Dick and Harry is my next choice, seven people have voted for it already :o Hahah I get what you mean :D

    VKMfan: Ok thanks for telling me! LOL yes I rememeber you telling me that! You really ought to watch the whole thing through one time! LOL it would help :D

    Okey dokey, I will most certainly watch them in that order :D Really? :/ I thought The First Travellign Saleslady looked cute! Does she put on an accent?

  4. well, not an accent, as much as she kinda goes up an octave...hard to desribe, but just not her normal voice... I think it might have had something to do with Carol Channing having such a 'unique' voice, that maybe Ginger and/or the directors or whoever decided to 'complement' Channing's voice with the one Ginger settled on... again, not THAT distracting, but enough to warrent mentioning... but it IS a neat movie with some quite funny moments... and she IS quite fetching in it, as usual... :-]


  5. Oh I very high pitched? :/ Ohh ok I get it. Well I'll probably watch it anyway, but thanks for warning me! Hahah :D Of course! Can you imagine Ginger anything but? LOL :D


  6. it's cute, trust me... You probably already know, but 'Saleslady' was the LAST RKO Radio film ever made... pretty neat Ginger was there for the end, as she also helped get the studio rolling, along with Freddie, of course...
    Do you have a list somewhere of the Ginger films you have seen and have yet to see? Just's cool to cross them off...hope you got the ones you need back in March...dang, it's hard to believe it is already May!