Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Sorry i didn't post a new poll and...well a new post this weekend. I have been pretty busy :/
Well anyways, the results are in!!

And as I suspected the winner is:

Rafter Romance!
If you haven't seen this wonderful movie I suggest you do! It was very sweet and funny :D

here is a pic from Rafter Romance:

And i couldn't find any from 42nd Street and I was too lazy too look so here is one from Flying Down To Rio! Hahah :D

And here are some pics for today!

have a great day everyone :D


  1. Rio dress: whats the point of the skirt??? ;)

    Hate the amount of shadows in the Barkleys pic...but the Ginger pic from I think 5th Avenue Girl totally makes up for it!

  2. Ahahahahahahaa so true! That's exactly what I thought, it's ridiculous!! LOL Very ahem revealing skirt don't ya think?

    Yeah me too. But maybe you can fix it on an editing site. I agree! I think she looks great :D

  3. Great pics, Anna!!!
    Although, being the G-ology 'stickler' that I am, would be remiss if I did not point out that the second pic (which I haven't seen - is KILLER!), noted as 'Flying Down to Rio', is actually from 'GoldDiggers of 1933'..in fact, I would wager the farm on it, since I have the sheet music to the 'cut' number she was supposed to do, "I've got To Sing a Torch Song', with her pic on the cover in the EXACT same outfit (the 'beret' gave it away). there are quite a few of those pics out there... the ones where she is on or near a white piano, that's the '33 scene... seems like they had the number pretty much done... wonder if that scene is actually out there somewhere...would LOOOOVE to see that!

  4. Thanks! :D
    I agree :D Uh oh. I will have to argue on this one! Hehe actually it is from FDlying Down To Rio. During the Music Makes me song. Soemtimes they do that though, they put pictures of them on different things. For example, awhile ago I bought Top Hat on VHS, and on the cover instead of Top Hat pictures it had this picture here: http://hphotos-snc3.fbcdn.net/hs440.snc3/25288_10150146883385174_274798445173_11789534_5673072_n.jpg On the cover!

  5. ok, Anna... you are probably right, BUT... a few things...

    One - The outfit in 'Rio' did NOT have 'wings' or whatever ya call them, as she is holding up in the pic... now of course, that could be an 'attachment'...

    Two - No hat for 'Rio' outfit, but is shown in the pic... again, easily 'accessorized'...

    Three (and this one is MAYBE the most interesting) - The Dress in 'Rio' has a 'glittery swath' from the...er, cleavage region downward to the waist... whereas the pic above has a clear 'sheer torso' across the waist area, in a 'zig-zag' pattern...

    Now, having said all that... the dresses are VERY similar, and it could well be the SAME dress, jsut changed up a bit... Remember, the one in Gold Diggers never got on the screen, so she may have drug it with her from Warner Brothers over to RKO for 'Rio', but made a few 'embellishments' here and there...

    OR...am I making WWWAAAAAAAYYY too big a deal out of this?