Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I apologize!

I am so sorry for the completely unimaginative poll that I last did! I couldn't even wait for it to finish! I had to remove it. It was ridiculous, I mean, everyone asks that! It's so common, i thought I was going to do interesting polls, about rare stuff that you normally wouldn't think up. Last week though my mind went blank! So here is my apology, and I hope it's a better one!

What I voted for:
My personal favorite of those is Star Of Midnight, i thought it was so cute.

Please vote, I really want to have something to discuss :)


  1. know, I can't even remmeber what the poll topic was! Was it fav G&F movie?

    Well, no problem...don't feel bad about a poll - ALL polls are cool!

    As for this one, I went with the 'non-obvious' choice, the 13th Guest... now, 'Star' is by far the best written, directed, and acted movie, but I honestly got a bit lost on it...Ginger is cute as all get out in it tho...

    13th is neat, since it was definitely a 'shoestring' budget, and it tells a pretty decent, if somewhat unbelieveable, tale of mystery... the 'Ginger double' was kind of a 'left field' thing, for example... my daughter watched this one and it truly scared her! She won't watch it again... if she ever cuts up, I say, "I'm going to go get 13th Guest!" and she gets in line... :-)
    'Shriek in the Night' had the same 'feel' as 13th, but the copy I have is almost unwatchable...and it has too many 'dark' scenes (Shriek in the NIGHT...duh), which get pretty muddled at times.

  2. LOL yes it was....wasn't absolutely unimaginiative?? I hate myself for it :p Hahaha

    Welll true but you know some can be better than others! And I always want to have new stuff, stuff that people never thought of :)

    Same here! i so did not get the ending or the beginning for that maybe that's why i don't like it? Hahahaha
    Aww poor thing! :) 13th Guest is kinda well savage! one I really got scared with was Shriek In the Night! I watched it at night with my sister and boy we were diggin our nails (or at least I was digging my nails) in her arm! LOL

  3. ...The 'phone shocker' dude... I think that is what my daughter did not like about me, it was weird, but almost 'humorous' in a...well, 'bizarre' way, when someone picked up the phone...dude put the juice to them! I guess overall it just seemed kinda 'unrealistic'...but it was interesting to watch, if for nothing else to see 'early Ginger' in action...

  4. LOL! Wow you are the most amusing person I have talked to for awhile! :)
    It was pretty weird, but it was also kinda smart...I mean who would think of that? It was pretty grose when he wouls...ahem..."put the juice to them" hahaha

  5. Thanks for the kind words, ALD! ...well I DID win 'Class Clown' back in '85... Mom was SO proud...
    Those 'low budget' movies really almost had the feel of a silent movie...Remember, in '32, the 'audio' concept was still quite's a flying wonder ANY copies of these two movies still exist, since they were from 'non-major' studios which have long since vanished... I guess the major studios obtain the rights to them, not unlike WB has RKO and MGM stuff...

    Anyway, I need to go back and watch 'Star' first time to 'try' watching it was LATE one night, and about 20 minutes in, I was lost as a goose (whatever THAT means) concerning the of course I just focused on Ginger for the rest of the way...

  6. LOL you're welcome! And you can call me by my name, it's Anna :))
    AHAHA really? That's awesome!
    I know! It's incredible! We are all very lucky to actually be able to see these classics :)

    Yes you should! Watch it, then tell me what you thought :)

  7. Anna? cool name! - well, my name is Jeff, but most folks seem to use my middle name...well, its Hughes, but folks shorten it to 'Huey' I will answer to that...

    I have wondered if I am somehow related to Howard Hughes...not sure I would want to admit it, unless he left something in the ol' last will for me...otherwise, dude was a total goofball, for messing up a good thing with Ginger!

    I am getting a bit on the sick-ish side as of this writing, so work is at best a 50-50 proposition for Monday...if I do stay in, I will try to watch a few Gingers, including 'Star'...also was wanting to watch 'Heartbeat' and 'Honor Among Lovers'...yeah, think I'll just stay home tomorrow..'coff-coff...'

  8. Thanks! Ok do you mind if I call you Huey then??

    LOL!!! Wow really? Hahahahaha well let's hope he did! :))

    Oh really? Uh-huh sure, wait you haven't seen those? Or was it just a long time ago? I like alll those! They are all great :)