Friday, January 29, 2010

Well I finally watched it!

I was finally able to watch The Shriek In The Night like a day or 2 was very cute! I liked it a lot :)
Still not as much as Star Of Midnight though.

Here are a few Ginger pics:

Kitty Foyle

A little something I made :)

Tom Dick and Harry

Vivacious Lady

Romance in Manhattan

Publicity shot for Shall We Dance, (don't ask me what's on her head! LOL)


  1. Killer pics!!! thanks!

    The Shall We Dance pic...hmmm...that is an 'unusual' hair style...don't remember her sporting that one in the movie...for that matter, the dress either...hmmmm... it clearly SAYS 'Shall We Dance', and it IS Ginger, no doubt (although Maggie has been cranking out the 'pseudo-Ginger pics' on her blog, Silver Screen Dream, and now I have to 're-evaluate' all my VKM pics...) ...maybe this is from a scene that was cut or something...who knows.

    Both the Tom, Dick and Harry, and Romance in Manhattan pics are priceless!!!

    BTW - glad you got to see Shriek in the's fair, but 13th Guest is the better of those 2, IMHO...I kind of lump those together, although 13th was made in '32, and Shriek in '33... Star was only two years later, in '35, but seems so much more...'advanced' in every respect...

  2. You're welcome :)

    Yes I know! But sometimes they do that. When they are having photo shoots they try out different hairstyles for fun ya know? And the dress she does wear it! You know when she is telling Arthur she's engaged to Jim? Well anyways, she does wear it I know that! But just the hair, ugh it's really ugly! LOL

    I`know they are! Such cute pics :))

    LOL true...but I think I preferres TSITN to 13G...but that's only my opinion :)

  3. Well, maybe the hair was a 'work in progress'... but as for the dress, she wears so many different outfits, it's hard to keep up sometimes! No wonder she has like 12 steamer trunks whenever she travels!

    ...maybe I will go check out 'Shriek' again soon... again, it may just have to do with the 'quality' of my copies...sometimes that detracts enough to make a difference...

    Thanks again for the pics, Anna!



  4. Yeah maybe...LOL true! But...hmm do you have a youtube account?? Cause I might be able to find something that has a clip of her in that dress so you can see it. She looks AMAZING!

    Really? That's too bad :(

    You're welcome!