Friday, January 15, 2010

The poll

Ok the results are...

Let Yourself Go: first place

And why not? It's a great song! My favorite :)

And second place is: Well there is a tie on 3 songs!
so second place goes to:

Out Of Sight Out Of Mind

Watch it here:

Here is a picture, very small but that's all I could find!

You'll Be Reminded of Me

Cheek To Cheek

third place is:
Another tie!

here they are!

I'll Be Hard To Handle

The Piccolino
I can't find a picture! GRRR


  1. hmmm sorry I missed this poll...was it 'fave Ginger tune?' Let Yourself Go is probably my vote, although there are NO bad VKM tunes, right? Heck, she could even sing in Pig Latin and I would love it...wait a minute... :-)

    One Ginger tune that's been bouncing around in my head as of late is 'Out For No Good', the tune she is singing in '20 Million Sweethearts' in the studio when dick Powell first eyes her... it's just one of those catchy tunes you can't shake...

  2. It's k :) LOL same here I love that song, it's great :) haha you are so funny :)

    Oh yeah that was a cute one too! I should have included it :/ Too bad :(( I love catchy songs!