Friday, January 15, 2010

New poll

Soooo...the next poll is which movie do you like the best, of all the ones Ginger made with Lucille Ball?

Here are the options:

Top Hat

Stage Door


Follow The Fleet

Having Wonderful Time


  1. ...dang...see, this is a cool poll topic! Good job! I voted...for 'HWT', as I assumed that the vote is for Lucy's role (the most 'developed' role for her by far of the choices), not necesarrily Ginger's... or am I off the beam? for OVERALL movie, may well be 'Follow the Fleet' - just dig the music in that one (particularly 'Let Yourself Go'). stage Door is hard to go against, tho...

  2. Thanks! Glad you like it :)Yeah true, it is just about which movie you thought had the best plot, which is your favorite you know? But yes Lucy did a great job in HWT! Stage Door is awesome, love it :))

  3. ...well, I will stick with WAS a pretty neat movie...favorite part is the backgammon scene when Ginger is questioned as to her 'tenacity' regarding playing the game...and she states, "I'm a FIEND!"

  4. Ok then :) LOL Love that scene too!

  5. I'm glad that's your favourite part Huey...

  6. ...I thought that might get a response from beeje... :-) now, where is 'FiestyFiend'?

    But, back to the 'topic', which is - Lucy's role... she really was pretty cute in HWt...her 'love-hate' relationship with the dude was the start of her 'ditzy' persona she parlayed into an empire on the small screen with Ricky...

  7. LOL yeah she was great! (as always :D)