Tuesday, January 12, 2010

So many Ginger pictures!

Set of It Had To Be You


Just dancing :)

I believe from follow The Leader?

Stage Door

Tom Dick And Harry I believe

Publicity shot :)


  1. I think that one might be Suicide Fleet, not Follow the Leader. But I haven't seen FTL so I couldn't say for sure. It just looks like the former because she has three men interested in her. Is it similar in FTL?

    Also for your poll I chose both Let Yourself Go (definitely good) and I've started to really like Out of Sight, Out of Mind, so I chose that one too. :)

  2. I have never seen either one so I really don't know! :/ I wonder where I could find those, cause i do want to see them! 3? Wow kinda like in Tom Dick and Harry huh? Which I am also dying to see!

    Yeah Let Yourself Go is probably the best! I think everyone prefers that one...I haven't really heard that much of Out Of Sight Out Of Mind, I believe I heard it just once and thought it was cute!