Friday, January 22, 2010

POLLL!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

And the winner is...
*drumroll please*

Stage Door!

Great movie, one of my favorites!
Sad Katherine Hepburn didn't make any other movies with Ginger :(
Here are a few pictures, if you haven't seen it, this is a movie you don't want to miss!

2nd place is:

Having Wonderful Time and Roberta

3rd place is Top Hat :)


  1. ...well, I really do like Stage Door, so no issues there...will have to pay attention to Lucy more next time I watch it...there are so many folks in there, you can watch it repeatedly and not catch all of it!

    OK - the next poll - I went with 'Shall We Dance'...mainly, because this is the one my daughter 'gravitated' to, and thus we watched over and I know most of the dialouge, and I LOVE Giner's 'They All Laughed'...she is just so killer in that! This was on one of the old 'G-ology Trivias', but just in case...Cary Grant was standing off-stage when she was singing, and she pretty much was singing to him... they were pretty big buds - a shame they didn't tie the knot - would have been one of the coolest 'celebrity couples' ever, IMO...

  2. LOL same here! Haha true, but when i watched I was mostly watching Ginger :) I guess I should see it again too!

    Great! So did Shall We Dance make her fan of FG?Cause if it did, same here! That's the one that got me started :) I know right? She was great!

    You are kidding? I didn't know that! That's so cool! Yes they would have been such a cute couple, they did date for a bit but I guess nothing came of it :(

  3. ...It's funny - I would say about half of the movies Ginger is in, I really have trouble remembering the plot other than just very generally, since I typically just end up concentrating on Ginger! (surprise, eh? :] )

    My little one is a big Ginger/Fred fan, and just liked that one in particular - she actually liked the 'Jeffrey Baird - Cecil Flintridge' scenes as much as anything, but she enjoys the dance routines as well, since she takes dance.
    As for VKM and CG, they just never seemed to be in the right situation at the right time...but did seem to really like each other... it seemed like Ginger always married actors, but other than Lew Ayres, none were all that 'famous'...and they just paled in Ginger's amazing shadow... it has always been sad to me that she couldn't find the right dude...but she lived a cool life regardless.

  4. LOL really? Wow i focus on Ginger a lot, but I managed to remember the plot. Though sometimes vaguely!

    Hey then we have a lot in common! I am a huge fan of them too :) Yes they are great, they add to the comedy!

    I know so sad...I wish she hadn't been divorced so many times. She said she always had wanted a happy marriage, but I guess all the guys she married were idiots! LOL

  5. well, some movies more than others...Star of Midnight, for example, I was trying to watch that one late at night, and just totally lost the plot, other than a dude got murdered and they were looking for the killer - I just concentrated on Ginger - in general just all the various aspects of her 'presence' in the film, such as, "Ginger is in this one for so many it has pretty good 'Gingerness' to it...dang, she is devastating in that outfit!...I like the way she said that..." - etc.

    Of course, as a guy, it would be so amazing to even MEET Ginger - but to be MARRIED to her? I can't even grasp that possibility...
    It amazes me how ALL of those dudes managed to mess that, I know she was a VERY active person, always on the go...I honestly could not have kept up with her, but dang it, I would have died TRYING!!! And, one thing I have going for me, I do not imbibe (i.e., drink alcohol), nor did she...seems like that was a big sticking point in most of her marriages...
    Now was she perfect? Well, probably not... er, wait a minute, lemme think about that for a bit... of course she had faults and issues like all of us... but just from what I can gather from her Bio and watching her in movies, she just seemed to be uber cool to me... although people say, well, she was married 5 times, and she was the 'common denominator'... but that is WAY oversimplifying it, IMHO...

  6. LOL I see what you mean! Yeah Star Of Midnight was great movie though, Ginger was fantastic!
    Hahaha true, true :)

    I think even as a GIRL it would be incredible to meet her, even more so for a guy, since she was absolutely gorgeous :)
    LOL yeah that would be something lucky husbands ;) Yeah I know! And I think it's great sge didn't smoke or anything liek that...she was so good! I don't understand those idiots, who in the world would mess up their marriage with GINGER ROGERS??? True, she was not of course a little saint, but she wasn't that terrible either, she was sorta in between, which is not that bad :)

  7. ...well, other than the alcohol problems for most of them, perhaps the biggest factor was that they each were quite overshadowed by Ginger's fame...remember, back then, men were ALWAYS to be the 'breadwinners', while most ladies were 'domestic goddesses'... well, with Ginger making all the money, and most likely calling most of the 'shots', most of the dudes just couldn't take it, 'ego-wise'... that's why I always thought she should have married a 'peer', such as Cary or Jimmy... of course, most of thet guys she married were actors of one form or another, but none were the 'mega-star' that she was - so even sheer jealousy may have played a role... weird, but probable.
    Of course, things have changed pretty heavily in the 21st Century when it comes to the 'roles' females and males play in a marriage.
    Of course, if she would have married VKMfan, he would have been quite content to be her cabana boy, gardener, ice cream fetcher, foot massager, etc... :-)

  8. True, very true! I can see how that would be really annoying! It's very sad though :( Kinda like what happened with Lucy and Desi, a story which I think is very depressing!
    Yes everything is too put it correctly, everything is taken so lightly now. Before they were naughty and had their problems and scandels, but now they don't care! They can be whatever they want, and it's not that big of a thing. Everything is so corrupt now, and that's what I hate about modern stuff. And there are always divorces! Always!

    LOL! I'm sure he would have ;) Hahaha