Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ah so the poll is finished tomorrow...

First of all thank you all for voting! It means a lot to know all your opinions!

And I think you can all tell by the votes which one is gonna win :P LOL

Here are a few pics!

Love this pic! :DD

And this one! They look so cute!!


This picture comes as no surprise! Naturally men would be surrounding her, and I don't blame them! LOL :D

Stunning :o


  1. Love that first one! I have a file of "cute moment" screencaps from Barkleys.

  2. me too! :D Haha yes very cute moment!
    Love their publicity pics from that movie!

  3. Ill upload them and send you think link tomorrow to my cute screencaps!

  4. Great pics, Anna!!! ...the football one is cool - wonder who those dudes are... not that it REALLY matters, but would be good to have the documentation... the unis they wore back then were pretty nondescript, so could be most anybody... since they are in fromt of a plane, tho, most likely either Air Force or Navy...and more likely Navy, since they had some honkin teams back then... hmmm...wonder how far Ginger could kick a football with those gams of hers... one might be surprised!

    SG - actually, 'think link' makes better sense... should have been..
    "I'll upload them and send you...think 'link' tomorrow..."
    Or am I being difficult again? :-]

  5. VKM stop drinking so early in the morning!
    Now stop being weird and go set up your YouShare account!

    I bet she could get some distance on it. She was a pretty good athlete after all. Also, I read somewhere that Fred Astaire had very little upper body strength so his partners basically lifted themselves. Ginger had to be pretty strong to do something like the end of The Yam.

  6. SassyGinger: Ok thanks! That would mean a lot :D

    Huey: Thanks! hahaah yeah, I would like to know too! Lucky guys whoever they are :D Probably pretty far, since she was a very good athlete!

    SassyGinger: OH! I didn't realize you answered that question as well! WOW! You're kidding? Ok then yeah she must have been very strong :o HEhe

  7. ALD1296 -

    Heres the link to my "cute Barkleys pics"