Friday, March 19, 2010

Zee poll! LOL

Ok everyone so this one was a hard one. I th0ught for sure Shall We Dance was gonna win! Buuuuuuuut. I was wrong :o

We had a tie! Exactly 8 votes, 4 on each on! LOL So we now have a tie.

Which is good enough for me, since it was very hard :D

Now the new poll is:

What's your favorite before Fred Astaire Ginger movie?

Rafter Romance:

42nd Street:

Have fun :D


  1. Thats easy - Rafter Romance. As cute as Ginger is in 42nd Street theres not enough of her!

  2. Hehe I know for me it was too! But some people tell me 42nd Street is their favorite Ginger one! To tell you the truth I never really like 42nd Street that much :/

  3. I never saw Rafter Romance!!

  4. What??? Really?? You have got too see it!!! it's great! So cute :D

  5. What? Too bad it was just on the other night! You can find it online. It is very cute - one of the best early Ginger movies!

  6. ...Rafter Romance, according to TCM, anyway, was 'lost' until just a year or so ago, when somebody found it along with 4 or 5 other RKO movies thought to be 'lost forever'... not sure how true that is, but no reason to doubt it... Big Rob Osbourne wouldn't lead us astray, would he???
    Anyway, it is no surprise a lot of folks haven't seen it - but hopefully TCM will show it more in the future...cause yes, it is a pretty neat movie - would ultimately say it is her BEST pre-Fred film, as far as her being the 'female lead'...