Friday, March 12, 2010

the old poll and the new one.

Ok so the winner is:

Grace Kelly!! Which is very very understandabla because Ginger and her could have literally been twin sisters! hehe

2nd place had a tie between:

Audrey Hepburn


Bette Davis

3rd place is:

Judy Garland.

Thanks you EVERYONE for voting :D

And the new poll is:

Which movie do you like Gingers hair the most?

Shall We Dance

Or top Hat?

And here's another shot, just in case you can't see it too well :D


  1. ...I went with Shall We Dance, most likely because it is the more 'familiar' movie for me... I probably need to see Top Hat a few more times... well, heck, i've seen it a bunch... 'Caught in the Rain' is probably my favorite 'non-epic' routine they do...well, ther's a few others... we could be here all night, tho with this :-}
    ...anyway, her hair is just awesome 99 percent of the time, and the other 1 percent of the time, it is just extremely pretty... so it's kinda tough to make a call... I even can't decide whether I prefer her blonde or brunette/reddish... either color 'cranks my tractor'!

  2. Great! I love that song too :D The first time I heard it it was stuck in my head for days!
    LOL very true :D Hahaha you are hilarious!