Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Lately I have been reading a lot more biographies of people! Haha no seriously, a lot of great ones :D
They are a lot of fun.

So far I have read books about:

Grace kelly

Lucille Ball

Audrey Hepburn

Maureen O'Hara

Edith Head

and I believe a few others....well anyways, they are all great! Now if only I could find Gingers I would be very happy! :/ I am DYING to read it!

I just read whatever I find, anything interesting and I will read it! My library is packed! Hehe :DD

Well anyways, down to business! LOL here is, as I posted in the comments, a flippin AMAZING video! It's very modern though (the song that is) so I'm warning the people that like it to be strictly classic not to watch it. But you are all missing out on an incredible video!

and the title is:

Dream Baby~Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers


And also here are a few pics :D

In Top Hat

Seen a lot of different shots from this, but never this one! :D

Love this one! It's on my youtube background!

Cute one as well :D

Interesting, I forgot I had this! Great picture of her, in her everyday life :D


  1. What? Youve never read it? I found my copy at Borders. Check Amazon - last I checked it was pretty cheap! Youre right - that last picture is REALLY pretty!

  2. Ginger's bio is also typically hanging out at eBay, if you don't mind a 'used' one... try to get the 'hardcover' first edition (silver cover with 'Ginger' in pink)...it has lots more pictures in it, and well, is hardback, thus a bit more 'sturdy'... but it is DEFINITELY worth hunting down...required reading for Gingerologists!!!

  3. SassyGinger: Nope I haven't, that's just it! I can't buy it...not now, so maybe one day I'll find it at my library! :( Yes it is! hehe :D

    Huey: Hahaha Yes I have seen it there before. I wish i could but I really can't buy it right now. Maybe one day I will....*sigh*

  4. I think that last pic is from the set of It Had to Be You - I recognize the dress. I wonder what happened to the plate???

  5. Are you talking about "Biographies" or "Autobiographies?" There has been no biography published on Maureen O'Hara, but she published her own memoirs "Tis Herself" (an autobiography) in 2004. I have read Ginger Roger's autobiography. It's very good.

    I have edited and published Maureen O'Hara's official website for the past 15 years "Maureen O'Hara Magazine." She celebrates her 90th birthday on August 17th. Have a visit to her website!

  6. SassyGinger: Really? Hm...I don't remmeber it, but I'll bet it is. I only saw that movie once, so I don't remember that much! hehe :D

    Junebug101: I meant both, forgot to put that though :) hehe But yes that is the one I meant. it's a great book so far :D I would love to read it! It looks great :D

    Ok I will! Thanks for suggesting!

  7. Yup, actually I just watched this one the other night. Its the scene where "George" is telling Victoria that she'll never be happy (or rid of him) unless she goes out and finds the real life "him". As nuts as that movie is, the clothes in it are awesome!

  8. Oh ok great! I didn't realize, thanks for telling me, you are liek a fountain of knowledge to me! LOL :D
    Yeah I didn't liek the movie much...to ridiculous for my taste :/

  9. It Had to be Youuu... It HAD To Be YOUUUUU...

    ...see, why didn't Ginger sing that tune in there? that would have RULED! But yeah, I have expounded on the idiosynchrosies (yeah, that's spelled right...close enough for government work, anyway...) of this film ad nauseum, so not getting into that...

    As for Lady Junebug... HI! You had me at 'Maureen O'Hara'...now, I am the self-proclaimed 'Chief Gingerologist', but still, I LOVE Maureen O'Hara...such a devastatingly beautiful red-headed Irish lass...yowzers!!! ...(just don't tell ginge, ok? I'm already in trouble with her over Hedy Lamarr... :-} ) It sounds like YOU could compile a bio on Miss O'Hara... would be a pretty neat project - and can't imagine why there isn't one out there already!!!

  10. LOL woooooooooow ok :D

    Yes, i think i know what you mean :D Hehe