Monday, February 1, 2010

New youtube background :)

HAHA! When I put this up, I was like, WOW this is such a dramatic picture!

Check out my youtube channel:
And here are the new pics!!

Hope you like em :)


  1. Hello! How are you? (this is inthebigbag from youtube lol)
    Nice pic! I love the 5th

  2. Hey! Wow I didn't know you had a blog! It's great to hear from you :)
    Glad you like em :)

  3. Great pics, Anna!
    The 'OUAH' scene IS pretty intense...that scene always seems to be 'out of place' in that movie, although concentration camps were obviously the actuality of the war... it definitely puts an 'edge' on what starts out as 'romantic comedy'...
    Anyway, thanks for the pics - haven't seen some of these before! ...I just LOVE her in Monkey Business!

  4. Thanks!
    LOL true true...I still think it was great though, I mean it teaches you about the war and everything, and I think it's great that it's very accurate cause it was around that time :)
    But I see what you mean, it was kind of weird how everything became this huge plot! LOL
    Kinda like in Storm Warning!
    You're welcome, me too! She was awesome :)

  5. Storm Warning was a lot different than I thought it would be...I mean, I KNEW it had to be a suspense-drama with the subject matter... but made the KKK to be not unlike the 'mob'...which I'm sure was true in a lot of places... those nuts had a lot of clout back in the day - I saw a documentary on them - in the early 20th Century, they had a LOT of influence on stuff... sad but true.
    Needless to say, the final scene with Ginger is one of my least favorite scenes EVER... :-(

  6. I know! It was really strange...I didn't like it, it also had an eery feeling about it.
    I actually found it creepier than The Thirteenth Guest! LOL
    I KNOW! I thought the stuff about the KKK was kinda weird though :/ The last scene was terrible! I agree 100% They killed Doris day :o
    And her husband was a creep!

  7. Doris seemed to be kinda out of place, too...not her typical role...

    ...Well, even tho it was not one of my faves, Ginger is pretty awesome looking in it...I think the scene where she was changing clothes was a 'big buzz' back when it came out...

  8. Yeah I agree! U was used to seeing her all jolly and singing away. Seeing her in a drama liek that was kinda weird :/

    LOL yes I agree, she looked very beautiful :)

  9. How gorgeous is she in the last picture. I think that was a very good time for her....except I cant understand two words of what he said!

  10. I know right? yes me too! Hahah me either! It was very hard to understand him...but he was cute :D