Friday, February 19, 2010

Alrighty...and the winner is......

Thank you everyone for voting!

The first place is:

Cheek To Cheek

Probably one of their most beloved songs, the song itself is a true legend! And sung and danced by Fred and Ginger? EVEN BETTER! This is one song I think everybody loves, including me!

I'm not gonna write the rest this time, because they were all tied! Everybody voted for them just once.

So now the new poll will be:

Stage Door?

Lady in The Dark?

The Story Of Vernon and Irene Castle

I'll Be Seeing You?

Yake your pick! :D


  1. I have to pick one? Each of these performances were brilliant in their own way!

  2. LOL not really..only if you want too :D
    Yes I agree with you! They were all incredible :o

  3. ...well, I went with Stage Door... probably since that was one of her first 'non-Fred's love interest' roles where she got to do humor and drama, and think she did pretty well opposite Kate - it's really a wonder RKO didn't get those two in another movie together...guess they could each star in their own movies, make twice the $$$...
    LITD might be second, just for Jenny... :-P her 'reality' portion of LITD was fair, but she was not really all that happy about making that movie - she does well in it, but it's just weird knowing her heart wasn't totally in it...
    Tender Comrade - good - one of the first Ginger movies I remmeber seeing from WAY back, so always 'special'... but a bit too 'political'...
    I'll Be Seeing You - good role - pretty sweet movie - somewhat predictable... probably need to watch that one again...
    Castles - interesting choice - she did great in that one - considering the REAL Irene was critiqueing her from off-set.

    Wait, is it ok to hash out all the choices? You know how I get sometimes... :-)

  4. Good choice! I love that movie :D
    Yeah I definitely agree with you there. It was her first chance to show them what she could relly do! And boy did she show them :D
    Me too. They were great, I kinda think Ginger stole the spotlight in that one though!

    True...but it was a great dramatic role nonetheless.

    Tender Comrade was very sad :/ But Ginger did an awesome job, her acting was superb! But yes a bit to political for my taste.

    I loved I'll Be Seeing You! I thought it was such a sweet movie, and once again awesome acting :D It is one of my favorites.

    Castles, yes definitely, and what always bothers me, is why, why is it that people win tons of oscars for dramatic roles, and an amazing drama with great acting, and FRED AND GINGER!! Not get the recognition it deserved? It's absurd! I heard it was actually a mess when they brought it out, not popular at all.

    LOL it's fine! :D