Friday, February 12, 2010

The old poll and the new one. as I suspected, (because everybody loves Fred)

The winner is:

Fred Astaire!

2nd place is:

James Stewart

3rd place is:

Cary Grant!

Now the new poll?

Which sweet song will you choose?

Just The way You Look Tonight?

Night and Day

Cheek To Cheek

Change Partners


  1. ...Fred is tough to deny, as far as being paired with Ginger...

    Like the new poll... I went with 'Cheek to Cheek' - just bought a 'Big Band' CD for $3 bucks (one of the 'upsides' to being a vintage-classic freak!) - it has a LOT of cool tunes on it, from the 'original artists'! One is Fred singing 'Cheek to Cheek' - but NOT the movie version, a 'Big Band' version - very similar to the 'original, tho... so, will go with that one - it is one of many 'signature' GandF tunes...although, for me, 'They Can't Take That Away From Me' is really my fav 'sig' tune for them... the Barkleys dance is jsut so cool to me, it being a 'finale' to their career together.

  2. So I did not get to vote in this one but Im putting in my two cents anyway. My vote is for Cary!

  3. I think I'm going to choose Night and Day. I love the other too, especially Cheek to Cheek, but Night and Day is such a beautiful song.

  4. VKMfan: Definitely!
    Thanks! I saw that! It already has 5 votes! I'll bet it'll win :D
    WOW! Good for you! I think I have heard that one before....not sure but I think so, it's great! I agree, I forgot to put that one up, I was tring to remember songs and when I put those after I was like, OH NO! I forgot They can't Take That Away From Me! LOL

    SassyGinger: I'm sorry you weren't able to :/ Great! Cary and her were Amazing together :D

    Camille: Ok! I love Night and Day too, the dance is gorgeous as well :D

  5. ...Night and Day IS a timeless classic...IT should get quite a few votes.

    Actually, I guess the Cheek to Cheek dance, to me, may be the most 'memorable', with its back-story... considering all of the 'fuss', it really turned out to be a very romantic dance...

  6. Well so far, unfortunately it only has one :/

    Yes I think so too! Too me, there most famous dance was the Cheek To cheek one. It was sorta of like their trademark song and dance!

    Kinda like Top Hat White Tie And Tails became Fred's!