Friday, February 26, 2010

What era do you think she looked her best?



This is the new poll. It's very difficult cause we all know she looked fabulous all the time! but what is your favorite time for her hairstyle, her make-up etc. When did she look best to you?


Gorgeous, in fact i think this is my choice.

Very beautiful too, didn't like some of the hairdos too much though :/

Stunning! Even though she was getting older, she still looked...well....STUNNING!

This picture I'm not sure if it's from the 60's but I think it is. She looks GORGEOUS here :D

Take your pick everyone and have fun :D


  1. Wow! Ive never seen any of those pics before and theyre all gorgeous! The eyes in the last one are amazing! Youre right the 40s hairstyles were kind of crazy. In fact I liked her hair in Tales of Manhattan (well not too much the front) but the back when Henry Fonda was chasing her around the office and her curls started to slide out a little bit - I thought it was kind of pretty!

  2. Really? Great! :D
    I knoooooow! She looks so stunning! :)
    Yeah that scene it was, but sometimes I just think the hairstyles were kind of ridiculous from the front :/ Not ALL! But some. Like that picture of Ginger, from the 40's? I like that hairdo :D

  3. Do we know who the dude in the '40s pic is? I don't recognize him!

  4. No I don't think so :/ I have never seen him before either! Hehe :D

  5. Well, I went with the 40's...her movies like TDH, Honeymoon, Tender Comrade, etc...dang, she is just PERFECT in those... and of course, Kitty was in '40 - I think that was her 'apex', beauty-wise ... although I am also really (I mean REALLY) fond of the 'middle age' Ginger as well, in the Monkey Business - Teenage Rebel era of the 50s...

  6. Ok :D Yes i agree! she was fabulous in those movies. But then again she always was! No bit the 40's were like the climax in her career!
    Yeah she looked awesome then too :D Most people went for 30's though (including myself) I am positive it will win!

  7. ...hard to go against the 30s era, true... Her opening shot in 'Rio' is too cute for words... I also love her in 'Swing Time', when she turns to see Fred when he shows up for dance lessons. So yeah, the '30s are hard to deny... but you know I'm always going for the 'non-obvious' choice...

  8. Yes it is very! I agree, she looks adorable :D
    Yes, I know you do :D Hehe but that's good! You have a unique taste. :D