Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My top favorite actresses :D

I have never really told anyone who my top favorite actresses are. Though with some of them I have not seen very many movies I still love them!

Anyways, I think you have all figured out by now that Ginger Rogers is the TOP! LOL

1.Ginger Rogers
I mean who can resist not liking her? she was beautiful talented, and such a versatile actress!

2.Judy Garland
Gorgeous voice and eyes. Such a sad life, but an amazingly talented girl and brave girl.
If you see a movie with Judy you will be carried away! :D

3.Grace Kelly
Absolutely breathtakingly GORGEOUS!!! So sad she did not make more movies, but we are all very lucky that she made a few so that we can actually see her on screen! Her features her eyes all so beautiful. Such a tragic death, but Grace kelly will always be rememberes as one of the most beautiful women in the world!

4.Audrey Hepburn

If any one said she was "pretty" that would be a HUGE understandstatement! She is right at the top with Grace Kelly!

5.Bette Davis
One of the most brilliant actresses ever to grace the screen. Bette had the biggest eyes I have ever seen in my life!

6.Lucille Ball

The funniest person EVER! She was a genius!

7.Ingrid Bergman
One of those foreign beauties, very talented and gorgeous :D

8.Debbie Reynolds
SO CUTE!! Such a sweet and fresh looking girl!

9.Doris Day
Very sweet and happy, with a great voice!

10.Lana Turner

Stunning woman! She was super talented :D

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  1. ...great stuff, Anna! know, if someone could make a poster out of that Ginger pic, I would definitely be out 15-20 is just the coolest pic I have ever seen...she is ready to open up a can on someone...well, a can of tennis balls, anyway...

    Good pics of the rest, too!