Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Check out my bulletin board! It's on my room, tell me what you think :D

Also here are a few pictures for the day!

A nice color picture of her :D


  1. Awesome!

    Wheres the first picture from? Love the color one! I think one is from her trip "home" to Kansas and Texas for LIFE magazie.

  2. :D

    It's just a home pic of her and Jacques Bergerac going off somewhere... :D
    Me too! Yeah i think so too. I saw those pics awhile ago, never saw the color one before though!

  3. Just took a closer look at your bulletin board - whered you get the pic of Ginger from I'll be seeing you in the black dress with the white orchid?

  4. Cool work, Anna!

    I like all the pics, but the one of her on the front porch of her birth house is so cool... it makes me want to go buy that place! Last I heard, it was up for sale...asking $20,000 for it...dang, that is ALMOST doable, considering the historical significance of the place! I think the Town of Independence has at least put it on a 'preservation' list or something... I talked to the City Inspector, but he had not info about the status (I work for the company that puts out building codes - he just called in with a code question one day, and after I answered him, just HAD to bring up Ginger...of course he had no clue as to what I was talking about...GRRRR.)
    The fact that it is for sale means a realator of some type has, I MIGHT just call them one day to see what's up with it... to make it even MORE interesting, my wife's cousin lives in KC...Independence is just outside of KC... hmmm... we will eventually go visit, and yeah, I'm headed for 100 West Moore Street (I gave the inspector dude that address, and it kinda freaked him out...I just said - hey, I'm a Gingerologist! Well, in so many words, anyway...)

    Thanks for the pics again!!!


  5. Well if we all chip in....I was gonna suggest we all chip in and get that audio tape of Ginger's TV special I found but if we all add a couple bucks more maybe....

    haha just kidding!

  6. SassyGinger: :D Oh that one...hmm I don't really remember it was awhile ago! I saw it on some site but now I don't remember the name...sorry :/ Hahaha :))

    Huey: Thanks!

    Great I'm glad :D
    Golly Moses! You're kidding? Only 20,000? That's pretty crazy! Lucky person who gets it :) GRR I agree! Well I hope it tunrs out well for you, and you'll be sure to let me know if you get it! And I'm sure we are all dying to see pictures of the inside :D

  7. ...well, I think the place needs some work... it's really bad that the city doesn't 'preserve' it... it is only like 6 blocks or so from the Truman Museum... they could inform folks of it, and fix it up inside, putting all kinds of memorabilia in there... We visited the Margaret Mitchell house in Atlanta, and it was pretty neat how they turned into a GWTW museum...
    But, yeah, whenever we go to visit in KC, I will definitely go by...and if I can, go inside! Heck, even if I have to call the realtor or something... I mean, if nobody lives there, it's GOTTA be locked up, right?

    BTW... can't pass up this (although I will probably regret it...) SG - Ginger grew up in Missouri, not Kansas...remember, "people from Missouri never incensed me..."

    Here's a link to a post Maggie (Silver Screen Dream) had about Ginger's early houses:

    AAANNNDDD, a link to one from Gingerology about it...

    ...I may try to 'update' the story, especially about her 'birth house'... jsut curious as to its status... I MIGHT call the realtor... what's the worst that could happen?


  8. Really? ugh I still don't understand why they don't take better care of it. I totally agree! i mean why is it not a museum? It should be! Ginger Rogers was a legend. GRR!

    Definitely! That would be incredible to see, haha you are very lucky :D

    Oh wow so true! I never noticed that :/

    Thanks for the link to the blog! It was great to see that, and also I am now following whoever made it, I wasn't before :D

    And thanks for all the links! They are great, I'll check them out and read them through later :)

    Great! I cn't wait till you do hehe :D