Thursday, February 4, 2010

The neeeeeeeeeeew pooooooooooll!!! the new poll is:

Which of these men do you wish Ginger had married? LOL kinda weird, but it's just for fun :D

Fred Astaire? After all, when they danced together it was magic!

James Stewart, whether you love him or hate him you got to admit they made an adorable couple!!

Gene KellyJust a thought, they would have made a handsome couple...
Cary Grant, but then again who doesn't look good with him?

Take your pick!


  1. ...ok - this is a toughie... I went with...Cary Grant.
    Partly because...Fred is the obvious choice (seems like I ALWAYS say that... do I hold some kind of weird grudge against Fred? Why, no...of course not... really... just because he spent countless hours with Ginger? Dancing with Ginger? Holding Ginger in his arms? Gazing fully into Ginger's beautiful eyes? Hearing Ginger's sweet melodious voice as she speaks?, not the least bit of resentment here... nopenopenope...)
    Anyway - CG and Ginger seemed to work pretty well together, and seemed to have the same 'quirky-cool' personality...would have been a killer 'celeb couple'. Of course, JS and Ginger were also a neat match...

    Neat Poll, Anna!

  2. LOL that's fine! Cary and her made an amazing couple too! Fred is definitely the obvious choice for the majority though. Because after all, they had amazing chemistry! they are most fanous for the movies they made together because what they made together on screen was magic! That's why most people pick him.
    But I always love people with different opinions! I love being different, that's why I make up weird polls like these! hahaha :D
    Yup I agree! they actually did date, I have pictures for proof hahah :) Cary and Ginger that is! They made a handsome couple. Jimmy and her did too :)


  3. ...neat poll. But it's true that Fred really merits a category all his own usually...

    ...what about Howard Hughes? Not that he would get any votes, since he was fooling around with other chicks behind Ginger's back (...that is just UNFATHOMABLE to me, BTW...), never know... I was thinking about posting something about him and Ginger...he was quite a strange dude...a genius, but basically insane... funny thing is, my middle name (my mom's maiden name) is Hughes...that's where 'Huey' comes from... so Howard has always been an intersting topic, if anything for the faint hope I am related to know he was a gazillionare. Hopefully I am related just enough to collect some $$$ from his estate, but not related enough to inherit his insanity... :-}

  4. Oh I don't know wich can I choose. I think I'm going to choose James Stewart, they are so sweet together :)

  5. Jimmy Stewart is my pick too! How can anyone hate him?!!!!

  6. Camille: Ok! That's great! Sorry for the late reply, never saw that comment :/

    Tom: Great! I have no idea, whoever does iss CRAZY! LOL :)